Create a More Fertile Ground for Fruit Plants

Compared to plant flowers, to make fruit crops grown with greater efforts need to be fertile. Because fruit crops require soil that is nutritious vegetables.

When you buy a new home, land in field tend to fullfil of origin. Some building materials any still buried in it.

Under such conditions, you should fertilize the soil first before you start planting. Do it this way so that your soil becomes more fertile and ready planted anything.

Dig up the soil with a shovel and remove pacul or throughout the rest of the material building material is still stuck in it.

Then stir-stirring ground already no longer flat surface it. In this way it aims so that the ground surface is not hard so that it becomes easy for the media to grow the plant.

Make organic layers in each layer of the soil that You dig. This organic layer of functionality to add microorganisms that break down compounds in the soil so that made it fertile.

Enter a few twigs of plants, leaves, or paper that is easy to decompose into the soil layer.

Add earthworms or dirt earthworms into soil layers already put twigs. Earthworms will make the soil becomes more conducive and litter contains nutrients needed land.

No shocker, earthworms can you buy at the store plant material, even not a few manufacturers of earthworms which provide dirt worms.

Land that is used as the orchards is not enough if you only rely on nutrients from the worm. Ground need organic fertilizer that is compost or manure so that plants can grow quickly and have a strong trunk.

So, add compost or manure in the digs you. Same is the case with a lot of compost worms, available at seller’s plant material. We recommend that if you want the plant to grow robustly and quickly bear fruit, give compost a minimum of two months.

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Start planting fruit or vegetable in the land that you have set up. Use fruit seeds such as tomatoes, chili peppers, or onions if you want any plant herbs in the courtyard.

Some fruits that are easily grown in a variety of weather is mango, rambutan, guava or water.

Don’t waste the rest of the ingredients that are in the kitchen. The rest of the water used to wash the rice and meat contain minerals that the plant is needed, so you could even soaked it to land planted with tree of Your darlings.

But, if you use water to wash your meat, make sure the former even soaked it with clean water again to prevent the arrival of ants. The rest of the skins of fruit such as banana peels you can piles into the ground around the plant.

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